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Composite Decking Perth

Composite decking is a timber alternative for your home that combines plastic and wood chips to create an environmentally friendly decking board. Over the past 25 years, composite decking  has become extremely popular for both residential and commercial properties around Perth. 

A composite deck is a lot like prefinished timber flooring – it arrives as a finished product, is custom cut on site and can be installed straight away.  However, composite decking NEVER needs sanding, staining or painting.

The latest composite decking boards and products are manufactured with a high-performance shell that wraps around the composite board to protect it from outdoor elements. This provides even more resistance to fading, staining, scratching and mould.

When comparing composite decking prices to timber decking costs, consider the extended lifespan of composite decking. Plus, it’s virtually maintenance-free! 

Why Choose Composite Decking?


Composite timber decking can be made from a combination of materials including wood chips, sawdust, recycled plastic bags and reclaimed timber.

Composite decking was built on the basis of green principles with the aim of preserving the environment for future generations.


Composite decks are hands-down the best option for customers that need a low maintenance lasting structure. Decks furnished from traditional wood only last a few years without the essential maintenance.

Homeowners might need to replace a timber deck multiple times over the years if they don’t attend to the essential maintenance. The top quality composite decking brands, like Azek, Eva-Last, TimberTech and HardieDeck are considerably more durable. They tend to last many years longer than their traditional wooden counterparts with structural and fade and stain warranties up to 50 years..

A number of factors lead to the superior durability of composite decks. They have much harder exterior surfaces, which provides superior protection against outdoor elements. They are also much more resistant to rot and insect damage, since they are formed from a combination of wooden and plastic materials, rather than pure timber.

Low Maintenance

Composite decks require far less maintenance than traditional wooden decks. This benefit is arguably an even bigger selling point than their impressive aesthetic appeal. Property owners who lack the time and energy to maintain their decks regularly will appreciate how easy it is to keep their composite deck looking new.

Composite decks require less work for multiple reasons. Their tough surfaces make them far less susceptible to damage from the elements. The materials are also less prone to internal damage (from insects and rot). Therefore, they don’t require regular paint and surface treatments.

Through Trex®’s manufacturing process they are able to save on average over 200 million Kg of plastic and wood from rubbish tips each year.

Composite Decking benefits

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Decking Installation

Composite Decking Installation

Decking Perth’s certified decking installers make easy work of installation of composite decking.

Composite timber decking products offered by Decking Perth are installed using the hidden fastener system which ensures a flawless finish.

Homeowners can relax knowing that the correct installation methods are used and that the end result will look seamless and professional.

Composite Decking Maintenance

No matter what outdoor decking you choose to install, you’ll get surface dirt. For composite decking, it’s recommended that you simply wash down your deck occasionally with soapy water and a brush.

If you do drop something like food or drink on your deck, TimberTech and many other composite decking brands will not stain from normal household chemicals if cleaned up within a week.

If you install a new composite deck, there’s no need to worry about mould. All the latest, high-quality composites are mould resistant, meaning you’ll only need to clean your deck occasionally with soapy water to maintain its aesthetics.

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