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Azek Composite Decking in Perth

Looking for Azek composite decking in the Perth area? Azek Decking comes with a 50-year guarantee, so you can enjoy an amazing outdoor living space for years to come. With a broader range of decking products than ever before, Azek offers you a wealth of decking choices.

What is Azek made of?

Crafted from premium capped polymer material that captures all the beauty of timber, Azek allows that beauty to last, retaining its colour long after your wood stain has faded away.

A cellular PVC material, Azek’s core contains no wood fibres, so it can’t absorb moisture or give way to rot. Its Alloy Armour shell is scratch-resistant and has UV protection, so it won’t fade, no matter how harsh the summer sun or how hard your kids play.

Because it is cellular PVC it lends itself to curving perfectly. With a Heatcon Deck Bending kit creating curved decks is a breeze.

Why Choose Azek Decking?

The Benefits of Azek Composite Decking

Although Azek looks like timber, it’s a lot tougher. In the summer, we know you practically live on the deck. Whether it’s barbecues with your mates or just you and your partner sipping wine as you gaze into the sunset, TimberTech Azek stands up to all you and Mother Nature can dish out.

With the deck boards capped on both their bottoms and tops, they will retain their beauty for years to come. We’re so confident in their lasting power that we offer you a 50-year warranty—along with our promise that you’ll love how easy it is to care for.

TimberTech Azek is:

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Why Choose Azek Decking?

Durable: With UV protection and no timber fibres in its core, it can’t rot from moisture seeping into the boards. It stands up to harsh weather, is stain-resistant and won’t fade, no matter how hard the sun beats down.

Easy to install: Azek decking boards behave just like timber—drill it, saw it, nail it—everything’s easy. You can even save your current understructure—just re-plank it with Azek.

50-year warranty: Since Azek is so durable, we have confidence that it will last well into the next generation. Our 50-year warranty backs up that confidence with more than words.

Sustainable: Using TimberTech Azek reduces the material in landfills. Not only do you not have to throw away your rotten timber from time to time, but Azek’s manufacturing process reduces waste by 90 per cent.

Replace Your Timber Deck with TimberTech Azek

Azek composite decking fits easily on top of your existing understructure, allowing you to replace your warped, rotten timber deck boards with Azek planks. Save money and time when you replace your annual stain-and-seal time with some quality time out on the deck with friends and family.

How much will Azek decking cost for your project?
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How to maintain Azek decking

Azek composite decking is easy to care for. Simply wash it periodically with your normal household cleaners to remove debris and dirt. TimberTech recommends an all-surface deck cleaner, Use a stiff fibre brush to loosen stubborn dirt.

Avoid products meant for standard composite decks. Since Azek is made from PVC/polymer material, not a plastic/wood composite, composite cleaners might harm its surface.

Move mats, toys, tarps, or other non-porous furnishings off the surface since they might cause discolouration. Avoid spilling insect repellent and sunblock onto its surface since these substances contain chemicals that can harm the surface. Remove construction debris and dirt soon after the project is finished.

Azek Product Range – The Vintage Collection

Designer cachet pairs with a broad range of colours and widths in this gorgeous collection. This durable capped PVC decking comes in narrow, standard, and wide sizes to pair with nearly every home style.

Durable enough that its maker guarantees it for 50 years, the Vintage Collection’s decking comes in rich colours that resemble timber from a variety of trees: cypress, dark hickory, English walnut, weathered teak, and the dreamy grey Coastline—a look that gives your deck the charm of a weathered seaside dock.

Azek Design Features

  • Wide, standard, and narrow widths are available.
  • Textural surface echoes the grain of fine timber.
  • A broad range of rich designer colours.
  • Highlights range from dramatic to subtle.
  • TimberTech Azek decking styles range from vintage to nature-inspired.
  • Premium quality decks endure for years to come.
  • A 50-year warranty to ensure that your beautifully designed deck endures.

Why choose Decking Perth for your Azek Decking Project?

With the finest decking material in the Perth area, Decking Perth delivers superior quality, expert advice, and picture-perfect installations to customers all over greater Perth. Our broad range of designer decking products has something just right for your home, commercial building, or investment property.

When you walk in our door, we’ll help you select the perfect colour and decking board type, and then give you all the advice you need for installation and maintenance. Our expert installers will come to your home or business, install the Azek decking of your dreams, and teach you how to care for it after we’re gone. That service, and a 50-year guarantee for the product itself makes Decking Perth your perfect choice for your next decking project.

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