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Millboard Decking in Perth

Millboard is a composite decking product which is inspired by nature. Not only does it look just like authentic timber, this UK-designed and manufactured product is also virtually maintenance free.

Millboard outdoor decking is a breeze to install and there’s no need to worry about replacing it for at least 25 years, thanks to Millboard’s 25-year limited residential warranty.

Benefits of Millboard

Millboard is both slip resistant and splinter-proof. Unlike other timber decking alternatives, Millboard actually contains no plastic. It’s also timber fibre free. Instead, Millboard is made from an innovative Polyurethane resin which is reinforced with mineral fibres and finished with a specially formulated Lastane® coating. All that’s required to clean Millboard is an occasional brush down & rinse with some regular soapy water.

Not only is Millboard decking an attractive decking option, but it’s also a safe, smart choice for use around pool or spa areas. Because there’s zero timber in its composition, this decking is guaranteed to be splinter-free.  Millboard decks are also:

Made from an innovative Polyurethane resin which is reinforced with mineral fibres and finished with a specially formulated Lastane® coating.

Enhanced look and feel of real wood

The convincing enhanced-grain finish of Millboard is achieved through a bespoke hand-moulding process that is carefully engineered to mirror the intricate surface structure of natural timber.

After the boards are created, they go through Millboard’s careful hand-colouring process, which stains boards to closely mimic the varied shades and styles of natural timber. The result is a distinctly warm wood-grain and authentic appearance.

Why choose Millboard Composite Decking?

There are many advantages of Millboard’s technologically advanced materials. For one, their decking gives you all the benefits of a quality timber deck – without the usual maintenance, lack of durability, and safety snags of a natural wood product.

Here’s what makes Millboard a hard to ignore decking alternative:

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Millboard Product Range

Enhanced Grain

Seven striking shades of timber-colour set the Enhanced Grain style of Millboard apart. Inspired by prime English Oak timber, this Enhanced style has a distinctly smooth, natural timber finish and lends a sharp, contemporary elegance to your outdoor space.  

Enhanced Grain decking is available in 7 diverse colours:

Weathered Oak

Century-old wharf timbers set the precedent for this Weathered Oak style of Millboard decking. Three bold colours, each richly detailed with the look and feel of timber harvested from an age-old oceanside jetty make Weathered Millboard as rich and interesting as its apparent history. The Weathered Oak style makes for a visually exquisite outdoor deck that will have you and your guests doing a double-take.


If you need different lengths of Millboard decking boards (as may be required for your custom deck design) you can cut your boards as you would with regular timber; just use a carbon-tipped multipurpose saw.  

Touch up paint is available in your Millboard shade to colour-match exposed ends.

Millboard standard decking lengths and dimensions are as follows:

Millboard Decking Boards Width Thick Length
Weathered Oak 200mm 32 mm 3.2 m
Enhanced Grain 176mm 32 mm 3.6 m

Millboard Installation Guide

Builders are always telling us how easy Millboard is to work with – check out Millboard installation instructions to see just how true this is! Installation of Millboard requires no pre-drilling, no countersinking and no tricky and expensive clipping system.

Easily install your Millboard deck using the stainless steel Durafix screws.

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We’re here to help with the entire process; from colour and board type choice to supply and install quotes, we will ensure you choose the right product for your home, investment property, or commercial space.

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