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Eva-Last® composite decking is a bamboo based composite deck, making it extremely robust, naturally beautiful and has superior advantages over traditional timber decking. The Eva-Last® Infinity I-Series incorporates a revolutionary patented design that improves performance while reducing costs. The new lightweight design minimises material volume while optimising structural performance.

As a bamboo/plastic composite design, Eva-Last® decking requires almost no maintenance and is one of the most eco-friendly decking products available. Eva-Last® Infinity™ incorporates a tough polymer coating that protects the decking from weathering and stains. This highly durable and functional design is the result of extensive research and stringent testing methods. Eva-Last® Infinityis inspired by nature and designed for life.

Benefits of Eva-Last® Decking

  • Designed for easy living – extremely low-maintenance
  • Cost effective – designed to last a lifetime
  • Weather-resistant – will not warp, rot or crack
  • Slip-resistant – perfect for barefoot weather
  • Easy to install – lightweight and cleverly designed
  • Stain and scratch-resistant – durable polymer coating protects the surface
  • UV resistant – tested to withstand conditions similar to Australia
  • Eco-friendly – created using recycled and renewable resources
  • Superior strength – patented design creates a stronger, longer-lasting deck
  • Matching colours for screening and cladding

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Why choose Eva-Last® Composite Decking?

It’s clear to see why Eva-Last® has become a common feature in Australian backyards. Customer reviews have described the range of beautiful designs available and its long-lasting nature. Here are some more reasons why people choose Eva-Last® composite decking.

  • Eco-friendly bamboo/plastic composite decking
  • Looks great in residential and commercial applications
  • Ultra-low maintenance deck
  • Engineered polymer capping protects from stains and scratches
  • Anti-slip and non-splinter
  • UV damage resistant
  • 25-year limited warranty

The revolutionary polymer surface capping gives the Eva-Last® Infinity I-Series range the properties of a high-density decking board that is mould, moisture, scratch, stain and warp free!

Eva-Last® Colours

Eva-Last® decking comes in five colour choices to suit your outdoor style and setting:

Eva-Last® Product Range



Single-sided, arched co-extruded bamboo composite decking.


One side grooved (starter board)

Dimensions: 135 x 25 mm

Weight: 2.84 kg/m

Joist Spacing: 450 mm on centres

One side grooved

Both sides grooved (deck board)

Dimensions: 135 x 25 mm

Weight: 2.84 kg/m

Joist Spacing: 450 mm on centres

Screening and Cladding


Co-extruded composite screening

image (1)

Dimensions: 70 x 16 mm

Weight: 1.36 kg/m

Span: 1200 mm when fixed to 3 or more supports

900 mm when fixed between 2 supports 

How much will Eva-Last® decking cost for your project?
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Eva-Last Screening

Fixing Systems

Eva-Last® incorporates a range of specialised fixing systems which work with the Eva-Last® range of boards to ensure your deck is stable and durable for many years to come.

Eva-Last® exclusively recommends using HULK fasteners/ screws to provide the strongest fix for wood and steel.  These fasteners are uniquely nano-coated with zinc-epoxy corrosion-resistant HCTO (tested and developed under stringent conditions).  These are designed to fasten clips to a substructure yet are versatile enough to work in other fixing applications.

HULK fasteners/screws are available in high strength stainless steel or carbon steel.

For more detailed information, refer to the Eva-Last® Installation Guide.

How to take care of your Eva-Last® Decking

Designed for easy living, Eva-Last® composite decking is super-low maintenance and requires no staining, sealing or oiling whatsoever. Since it is manufactured to be an outdoor product it will simply need an occasional light clean which involves nothing more than a sweep and a gentle wash with soapy water and an occasional light-pressure spray.

Things to be mindful of when cleaning your Eva-Last® deck are:

  • Use a gentle soap, and test in an inconspicuous area or off-cut to make sure any chemicals contained in the soap are non-abrasive. Completely avoid the use of bleach or acid-based cleaning products. If your deck surrounds your pool, also remember that swimming pool chemicals can be harmful to your deck’s surface.
  • Minerals from certain soils can cause a hazing effect when deposited on your Eva-Last® deck surface.  The deposits happen after rain mixes with run-off from gutters or pathways, and then evaporates leaving this haze behind.  If you quickly wash this off, it won’t build up and create layers which simply makes things easier for you.
  • If you use a high-pressure hose, use a fan-tip and spray at a distance of at least 30cm, with a pressure setting of no greater than 1500 psi.

For more specific care and cleaning information, download the Eva-Last® cleaning and care guide.

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