Merbau Decking

A beautiful, versatile timber decking material

Merbau Decking Perth

Merbau is a tropical hardwood timber which grows in southeast Asia, Indo Pacific islands like Fiji and Samoa, Tanzania, India, and Madagascar, as well as the Australian region of Far North Queensland by the Johnstone River. It is often referred to as Johnstone River teak or scrub mahogany.

Merbau timber has a high oil and tannin content giving it a natural gloss without harsh artificial coating.

Merbau ranges from a pale red to a dark reddish brown colour. Merbau is a versatile hardwood used in many products including hardware, fencing, building features like accents and cladding, and decking. It’s also commonly seen outdoors, around BBQ areas, and for woodcraft, floorboards and wood fittings.

Merbau decking colour and size

Merbau timber is well known for its distinct colour patterns and rich tones. Merbau ranges from a pale yellow-brown or orange-brown to deep, dark red-brown. 

Merbau decking comes in a range of sizes and lengths, the most common being the 140 x 19 or the 90 x 19 which is available for purchase in set measurements (lengths).

Merbau decking maintenance

Oil your deck

Merbau is generally used for its aesthetic appeal and its longevity, but with merbau’s naturally high tannin content, there is a bleed period that is required for the deck to settle before any treatments are added.  Maintenance for a merbau deck begins with the first coat of oil. Depending on the traffic, location of the deck, and climate you live in, the ongoing maintenance will vary.

Merbau decking patio

Cleaning your deck

When the time comes to clean your deck, you’ll need a cleaning detergent that has sodium percarbonate as an active ingredient. Just mix with water and grab a stiff bristled brush and away you go. Lightly scrub the solution on the whole deck and leave to activate for 15 minutes before rinsing the wood with water. Before you know it, your deck will be good as new.

In order to keep your merbau deck in top shape, you’ll need to maintain it regularly by giving it a good clean and oiling it so the colours don’t fade in WA’s harsh sunshine.

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Merbau Timber Cost

Pricing for Merbau depends on various factors.

This can be as simple as

  • Availability of the amount you require
  • The metre lengths of wood required
  • Grade of timbers: highest grade versus a lower grade

Moreover, the cost can be determined by the outcome you require of the project. Speak to us about the specifics of your project and we can guide you on the amount of wood you require or other timbers that are more suitable for your budget and project. We are happy to you guide you in the right direction without compromising your desired outcome.

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