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G-Tape Joist Tape in Perth

Benefits of using G-Tape

G-Tape is a commercial tape with outstanding protective properties used by decking installers to extend the life of timbers in the sub frame of decks.

The 3040BK series of G-Tape in particular is a deck builder favourite because it boasts a plethora of benefits:

  • Ease of use
  • Superior adhesion
  • Protects of deck joists
  • Adds to the longevity of joists
  • High performance flashing tape
  • Use without scissors or blades
  • Minimal adhesion loss over time
  • No loss of tensile strength over time
  • the black colour means you no longer need to paint the top of the sub frame timbers to render them virtually invisible when viewing from above. 

Why G-Tape?

G-Tape is a patented high-quality product formulated from solvent acrylic adhesive with superior backing substrate, which promises unequalled adhesive performance. 

The G-Tape brand’s versatility is extraordinary, allowing a range of tapes (in a wide range of colours and applications) which, when it comes to decking:

  • Can be removed without a trace of residue
  • Can be exposed to outdoor climates
  • Can bond surfaces permanently with reliability that spans decades
  • Can act to protect surfaces, serve as flashing or a seam, and across project needs.
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Why Decking Perth?

Whether you’re looking for a supplies to build a deck to compliment your backyard landscaping or for commercial decking equipment, Decking Perth are your local industry leaders with all the combined expertise you need to help you with top level advice and support.

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Quality Assured

Decking Perth are concerned about adding value to you and to your property, by supplying the absolute best in composite decking brands to upgrade your space. Our suppliers and their products are vetted for quality and their compliance with Australian quality and sustainability standards.

Customer Satisfaction 

We care greatly about your peace of mind.  For this reason, we’re fastidious about doing our best to ensure your project runs to schedule and you get the outcome you’re after – or better!  We’re here to help you through each step of the process from planning to completion, so feel free to check in with us at any point. At Decking Perth, your satisfaction is really our greatest reward.

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