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TimberTech Composite Decking in Perth

You want only the best deck to accent your Perth home. At Decking Perth, we have just the right choice—TimberTech composite decking. With all the beauty of natural timber, yet durable enough to take all that Mother Nature can throw at it, a TimberTech deck will provide you and your family with a stunning backyard focal point for years to come.

Benefits of TimberTech

If you want all the advantages of timber decking, but none of the hassle, you need to take a look at TimberTech composite decking. Timber decks require restaining or re-oiling every year, but with TimberTech, you’ll be out relaxing on your deck while your neighbour is hard at work doing his annual maintenance.

This top-quality composite decking holds up under even the most rugged climate conditions while still looking gorgeous. TimberTech spares no expense to deliver you a deck that will give you years of dependable service, capping the bottom of each deck board to protect it from the elements.

Crafted from a proprietary composite core protected by a polymer shell on four sides, TimberTech decking is tough enough to stand up to the harsh rays of the Australian sun and the cold winter winds. It resists stains, fading, and scratches, as well as moisture damage, mildew, and mould. It’s even guaranteed against staining and fading with a 30-year warranty—and comes with a limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

Unlike most manufacturers, TimberTech extends that shell on all four sides, giving you a tough, great-looking deck at a competitive price.

Why choose TimberTech Composite Decking?

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, TimberTech has plenty of other positive qualities:

  • Protected by a tough polymer shell textured to look like timber
  • Easy to install— goes right over your existing infrastructure
  • Sustainable manufacturing process
  • Durable and beautiful
  • Stain resistant, fade-resistant, and scratch-resistant
  • Resists moisture, mildew, and mould
  • 30-year warranty against stains and fading
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Adds value to your home for less money
  • Low-maintenance care
Timbertech vintage weathered teak

How to maintain TimberTech decking

Every spring, you need to sweep all the debris off your deck. If there is any dirt between the planks, use a putty knife to gently push the dirt out of the space.

Next, use a medium plastic-bristled deck brush and a mild household detergent to clean the surface. Never use a natural-fibre deck brush on a TimberTech deck because they can cause the surface to become dull. Don’t use composite deck cleaners, either, since the surface you’re cleaning is the polymer cap.

That’s it. Unlike your neighbour’s timber deck, you can spend more time enjoying your TimberTech deck and less time doing maintenance tasks.

TimberTech Design Features

  • Comes in a wealth of colour options, most with variations that look like those in timber
  • Design tool available for planning your deck design

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TimberTech Collections & Colours


Designed to look like natural timber with colour variations and textured grain, TimberTech’s timeless Legacy Collection mirrors the look of expensive hardwood. From the rich russets and chocolates in the Pecan boards to the golden gleam of Tigerwood, the Legacy collection gives you an authentic, hand-scraped look with none of the maintenance hassle.


If you love exotic woods, you’ll love the natural timber look of TimberTech’s Tropical Collection. With streaks of subtle colour in saturated, rich tones, these planks will turn your deck into a tropical paradise. From the river-grey tones of Amazon Mist to the rich mahogany of Caribbean Redwood, the Tropical Collection gives you the look of exotic wood with superb resistance to wind, weather, and sun.


Find all the beauty of a walk in the woods in the exquisite Terrain Collection of TimberTech decking. Whether you prefer the rich chestnuts in Brown Oak or the weathered grey of Stone Ash, you’ll get the look and texture of fine timber with texturised graining and subtle colour variations within each board. Providing the look of wood without all the trouble, the Terrain Collection is a lovely choice for your backyard.


Designed specifically for use near bodies of water, the Docksider Collection can resist sun damage, sand, sea mist, and salt while maintaining its stunning good looks. Tough enough to withstand heavy use in commercial and public applications, yet with the grained look of real wood, this slip-resistant decking is the perfect choice for your pool, dock, or boardwalk. It comes in natural timber shades of cedar and grey.

Fixing Systems

Timbertech decking


A hidden fixing system that dispenses with the need for unsightly screws, Concealoc makes it possible to install TimberTech decking easily. As a pneumatic system, Concealoc is compatible with the FastenMaster® Tiger Claw Gun. Concealoc fasteners are backed by a 25-year warranty.


Part of the TimberTech hidden fixing system, Cortex works with Concealoc for an easy-install system that creates a flawless deck surface uncluttered by the appearance of screws and bolts. Like Concealoc, Cortex, too, is backed by a 25-year warranty.


If you choose to install TimberTech planks and fascia over your existing understructure, you don’t want unsightly fasteners to ruin your beautiful deck’s appearance. With Toploc, you won’t even see the fasteners, because TimberTech colour-matches them to your boards. Like all TimberTech fixing system products, Toploc comes with a 25-year warranty.

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Why choose Decking Perth for your TimberTech Decking Project?

With a diverse selection of decking products, including TimberTech, Decking Perth, offers the peace of mind that comes with a quality guarantee on their composite decking purchase. Decking Perth’s experienced team choose only the finest high-performance decking for their valued customers.

Discover the Decking Perth difference the moment you walk in. We don’t just help you choose the right decking, we stay with you, providing expert advice on design, installation, and maintenance.

With our design team’s help, we not only can help you choose the colour and type of your decking, but we can even install it for you. Whether you need decking for a commercial property, an investment property, or your home, we have what you need in our TimberTech and other collections.

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