Fijian Mahogany Decking

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Fijian Mahogany Timber Decking Perth

Fijian Mahogany timber continues to be a much sought-after wood. Its versatility and durability has seen it used for everything from furniture to boats to custom made guitars.  And, of course, timber decking! 

Fijian Mahogany really is an ideal choice for outdoor decking. You’ll love it for its low maintenance, admire it for its rich colour and applaud it for its natural stability.  

All of these qualities have made Fijian Mahogany a popular timber choice for backyards across Perth.

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Fijian Mahogany raw boards

Technical Specifications

  • The unique colours of Fiji Mahogany decking can range from a light reddish-orange tone, through to a lighter brown colour
  • Fiji mahogany decking is a select grade timber 
  • Available in 140 x 21mm – smooth on both faces
  • MicroPro H3 Treated Sapwood to resist Lyctus Borer
  • Weight is 650kg/m3
  • Natural durability class 2 – above ground applications
  • As with all timber decking, pre-treating with Cutek Timber Coating is recommended.

Why choose Fijian Mahogany Decking

Fijian Mahogany is low maintenance, rich in colour and naturally stable

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