Treated Pine Framing Perth, WA

Treated Pine Framing

Treated Timber Pine

Treated pine is a highly durable and easy to use wood, and is a popular choice for outdoor structures. Sourced from fast-growing Australian pine plantation forests, there is an abundance of treated pine, making it an affordable option for pergolas and deck framing.

Pine is cut to size and then treated with a chemical solution designed to improve its durability. There are various grades of treated pine, with H3 treated pine being suitable for deck frames that are raised off the ground. H3 pine is protected against fungal decay, termites and rot, and has an estimated lifespan of 30+ years. 

In its natural state pine is a golden-white colour, but depending on the treatment, it turns to a pleasing warm gold or green. It can be easily painted or stained to match your choice of decking and outdoor decor.

Why choose Treated Pine for your deck frame?

The chemical solution applied to H3 treated pine protects it against many of the weathering effects that can affect wood over time such as rot, termites and fungal decay.  This, coupled with its strength, longevity and relatively cheap initial cost, makes it a great option for your deck frame.

When it comes to maintaining your treated pine frame, it is crucial to protect the top of your treated pine bearers and joists with a product like GTape or Decktec as this is where weathering can take place.

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A quick guide to constructing a deck frame

Deck Framing

An accomplished DIY’er can construct a deck frame, but it is not the easiest task. If you are unsure, you should get in contact with a professional decking company.

The frame of a deck is essentially the base upon which your decking is fixed. This stage of construction must be done right as it will determine the long-term durability and safety of your deck.

The process of framing a deck includes creating connections between joists, beams and decking posts to build a deck structure that adheres to the Australian Standard 1684 – Timber Framing Code of Australia and the various other relevant bodies, such as state and local council building regulations.

Decking posts are placed into the ground at various intervals around your deck area. For this, you should use H4 treated pine as this wood is specifically treated for installation in the ground. Alternatively, you may choose to install stirrups into the concrete footings, either bolted to a post or directly to the bearers on a low lying deck.

Some final, though often forgotten, tips:

Trim around decking penetrations, such as downpipes to fully support the decking once laid.

Retain any soil or garden to avoid the H3 frame members coming in contact with the soil.

Leave plenty of room for ventilation under the deck for timber decking

That is your deck frame complete, the next part is installing the deck itself!

Remember, this is just a quick guide to framing a deck. For a more complete understanding, take a look at our Beginner’s Guide To Deck Framing.

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Treated pine is a highly durable and easy to use wood, and is a popular choice for outdoor structures.

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