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What is Treated Pine Decking?

Sourced from fast-growing Australian pine plantation forests, Treated Pine decking is one of the most affordable, sustainable and prolific outdoor decking options.

Treated pine timber is a popular choice for pergolas, posts, poles, gates and fencing, cladding and, of course, decking’s sub-frames and surface boards.  

Treated pine can be left natural for a light, green/blonde wood that greys naturally or can be painted or stained to match your taste and style.

Treated Pine Decking Specifications

  • Other names: Softwood
  • Origin: Australia
  • Colour: Affected by treatment applied, and usually a green/white-gold colour
  • Similar Alternatives: Spotted Gum, Jarrah, Merbau, Trex Tiki Torch
  • Grain: Loose and inclined to have knotholes
  • Resistance:
    • Marine Borer Resistance: N/A
    • Bushfire rating: not rated unless treated
    • Fire Properties Group: combustible
    • Natural durability: class 2 above ground applications

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Treated pine is an old favourite and is often used around pools, for fencing, in gardens and to create the sub frames for decks

Treated Pine Decking Installation

Before you install your treated pine decking, you’ll need to make sure you’ve laid the foundation. Have you correctly designed and installed your sub-frame? Have you sealed your deck’s joists and top surfaces with G-Tape? If so, then you’re ready to install your decking.

Treated pine timber will expand when exposed to the elements, so be sure to leave a 5mm gap between decking boards. Fix by using stainless steel screws. Nails are another option but not one we recommend as there is too much movement in the timber.  

These should be at least 12mm from the wood decking board edge and fixing holes predrilled at 80% of the screw or nail diameter to avoid splitting.

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Treated Pine Decking Maintenance

The hazard rating of your treated pine will guide the parameters of its use and maintenance. Treated pine responds to the environment and weather with time.  

It can be expected to crack, split, twist, cup and bow and with continued exposure to moisture and is susceptible to mould.

To protect:

From the elements and lengthen the life of your treated pine deck, it’s recommended to seal your timber with a primer and coat with either a light colour paint or staining product like Cutek for it to perform at its best.

To clean:

  • Sweep any dirt or leaves from your deck surface.  
  • Thoroughly wet the deck surface to avoid it drying out for 15 minutes.  
  • Apply a decking deep-cleaning solution using a bucket and mop.
  • Work this into the deck using a stiff bristled brush, allowing it to soak into the deck surface for 15 to 30 minutes.

Marks and discolouration should no longer be visible on your deck. After cleaning, rinse with a garden hose on high pressure (or pressure washer) and allow to dry completely.

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Treated Pince Decking Prices

Treated pine decking is a highly economical option. Just as every buyer’s needs differ slightly, the pricing for treated pine decking can vary depending on the quantity, finish and board lengths required.

The cost to install a treated pine deck is reasonable when compared to premium timber decking alternatives.  Costs to factor in include installation of sub-frame and surface decking, fixtures required and that of primers, sealants and paint.

Other costs to consider are general maintenance and upkeep costs.  Treated pine, like all timber species, is prone to weathering, discolouration, rotting and splintering.

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