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Benefits of Using Intergrain Timber Protection System

Intergrain’s timber protection products provide advanced preparation and an attractive barrier coating for your deck. The products are formulated using world-class technology and rigorously tested on a range of Australian timbers, as well as for Perth’s climate conditions.  

Intergrain timber decking oils and coatings help to highlight the integrity of your timber decking while protecting its natural beauty.  Intergrain’s next-generation technology and formulas mean they deliver superior, cutting-edge timber finishes to your decking project, be it for home or commercial use.

Why Choose Intergrain?

Designed to meet the demands of Architects, professional applicators and trade painters, Intergrain have a reputation as innovators of timber finishes and are highly regarded by building industry professionals. Intergrain are deeply involved in Australian timber and building; each year the Intergrain Timber Vision Awards commends inventive, fresh applications of timber in Australian architecture and design.

Apply Intergrain’s exclusive finishes and high performing formulations to your residential or commercial timber decking projects, for a truly world-class result.  

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate maintenance product to revive an existing outdoor deck or setting out to finish your new deck with flair, products from Intergrain’s timber protection range will undoubtedly help you get the result you’re after.

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Intergrain Product Range

Intergrain Ultra Primer

Make your timber finish last longer and prevent unnecessary blistering or peeling by pre-preparing your deck with a quality exterior primer prior to staining or painting.

  • Allows your paint, tint or coating to bond perfectly
  • Seals deck to prevent spills penetrating the wood
  • Makes your colour more vibrant and truer than other primers

Intergrain Slip Resistant Decking Oil

Intergrain’s slip resistant decking oil is a long-lasting and fast drying coating for your deck that covers you for safety with its water-based and slip-resistant properties and subtly textured matte finish.

  • Fast dry effect allows application of two coats in a single day
  • Hydroguard™ technology guards against water penetration
  • Ultragrip™ technology reduces risk of a slippery deck when wet

Intergrain Ultra Deck

UltraDeck coating enhances the natural grain of your timber decking and delivers advanced protection against UV and water damage, mould and fungus. It is also fast drying and very easy to use.

  • Extra-long-lasting water-based decking oil with HydroguardTM
  • Naturally pigmented with highly durable, low sheen finish
  • Combats timber dryness, colour loss and revives your deck

Intergrain Nature’s Timber Oil

Formulated with 95% sustainable ingredients, this deeply nourishing oil maximises your deck’s natural defences. The finish gives a rich, natural effect adding a mild timber colour pigment.

  • Environmentally friendly with renewable ingredients
  • Water, mould, and UV resistant using fewer petrochemicals than similar products
  • Allows natural weathering without cracking or peeling

Intergrain DWD

DWD is a high performing, semi-transparent finish with a water base offering outstanding UV, water and mould resistance.

  • Emits notably less volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) than other decking finishes
  • Available in a range of colours with a tint to suit your taste
  • 3-Stage TrishieldTM application process maximises the life of your deck

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