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A Complete Timber Protection System

Advantages of Using a Timber Protection System

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With all the care that an outdoor deck needs, especially in our West Australian climate, a deck protection system is a must-have.

Deck care and protection products are available in a range of options to suit the purpose, location and function of your timber structure. They enhance your deck and reduce your maintenance time by keeping the wood in pristine condition for longer.

Cutek has a range of products to keep your deck in tip-top shape. With a huge selection of top performing Cutek oils that clean, restore and protect your timber, you’ll always achieve the outcome you’re after.

Cutek’s timber protection system deeply penetrates and stabilises all kinds of timber from the inside out, offering years of protection for your deck.

Why Choose Cutek?

If you’ve previously used staining products that left you disappointed or failed to sufficiently protect your deck over time, then Cutek products could be the ideal solution.

Cutek’s durability sets it apart from many of the other decking oils on the market. Cutek products not only provide advanced protection but are also very easy to use! Deck coatings from Cutek work seamlessly with your timber deck surface, creating a consistently beautiful outdoor living area for deck owners.

If your deck sees little rain or sun, oiling with Cutek might only be required once a year. For a deck that’s more exposed to the elements, Spring and Autumn are ideal times of year to apply your Cutek decking oil.


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Cutek Product Range

Cutek is different as it doesn’t simply envelope the wood but deeply diffuses into the timber – protecting it from the inside out. This innovative approach to timber protection makes Cutek oils one of the best timber protection products on the market.

Cutek Wood Preservative

wood preservative

This oil-based wood stabiliser is the ultimate treatment for your timber products. It is the only wood oil awarded the status of Wood Preservative by the Australian Government (APVMA approval 83026/107430)

  • preserves against moisture, mould, fungus and insect damage
  • acts to solve existing issues of insects or decay
  • can be tinted with Cutek Colourtones to retain the original colour
  • not recommended for use with acetylated wood

Cutek Extreme CD50

extreme cd50

This ultra-high-performance timber oil provides a professional grade finish. Cutek Extreme CD50 is particularly effective in more extreme environments, including Australia’s warm and tropical climates. 

  • enhances the natural grain and texture of timber 
  • offers long-lasting protection and will not flake or peel
  • minimises warping, cupping and splitting
  • allows timber to naturally fade to silver over time

Cutek Wood Stripper

wood stripper

Stripping back all the years of paint and coatings on your timber deck is a breeze with Cutek Wood Stripper. Plus, it comes without all the nasty chemicals you get in conventional paint strippers.

  • removes multiple layers in one application
  • contents are user friendly and biodegradable
  • can also be used on metal, brick and masonry
  • easily removes the most common timber coatings

Cutek Restore


Want to take the grey out of your decking or cladding? Cutek Restore will help you clean and restore your deck ready for a new oil coating. Use the product that is used by professionals.

  • removes stubborn stains from water, iron, mould and fungus 
  • restores oxidized and ‘greyed off’ timber
  • professional grade wood cleaner that enhances the grain
  • keeps working for up to 24 hours

Cutek Quickclean

quick clean

Is your timber looking heavily stained? Cutek Quickclean is the perfect way to keep your wood clean by cutting through surface grease and grime.

  • powerful, general all surface cleaner
  • cleans grime off timber and composite timber
  • can be used to clean other hard exterior surfaces like barbeques
  • professional grade wood cleaner

Cutek Colourtones


To help maintain that freshly oiled look with your timber decking, use Cutek Colourtone. Available in 10 different shades, Cutek Colourtone can be added to your selected oil to help retain the timber’s original colour and character. 

  • adds depth and richness to the colour of your timber
  • available in 10 different colours
  • helps preserve the natural look of your timber
  • used to prevent timber tuning silver patina

Cutek Deck Boss Oil Applicator

Cutek Perdura Deck Boss decking oil applicator brush decking perth

Cutek’s Deck Boss oil applicator will save you time and produce a better finish than most other oil applicators. The bristles get in between each decking board so more surface area is covered.

  • quality construction that provides a faster application of oils and sealers
  • allows you to coat your decking while standing up
  • easy to wash – helping to extend the life of the brush
  • will outlast rollers and paint brushes

Cutek Sample Pots

Want to try before you buy? Decking Perth offers sample pots of Cutek oils, cleaners, strippers and colourtones. Visit the Decking Perth online shop today and order your sample pot.

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