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See our care and cleaning guide.

From sanding, sealing, oiling, painting, sweeping.

It depends on the decking material and location but certainly, all wood decks require sealing to extend their life.

It depends on many factors including the council, height of the deck above natural ground level, distance to the boundary.

One of the benefits of using our trusted installers is their knowledge and experience dealing with councils and installing your deck with the proper approvals.

Check out our decking approval directory to see your council’s requirements.

Great question and it depends on numerous factors.

Please get in touch and we will be happy to work out which is the greenest option for your situation.

Timber decking and Composite decking both have benefits and disadvantages. Check out Composite Decking vs Timber Decking to learn which material is best for you.


Composite Decking Questions

Composite decking is a manufactured decking product that generally consists of a combination of both recycled plastics and wood products.

The main reason behind the creation composite decking is the same reason people love it today – the low maintenance aspect allows for more time lounging on the deck. The top of the range composite products are made to look just like wood.

For more information check out our composite decking page.

The simple answer is no.

Whilst there are many composite decking manufacturers around the world, only a few have the history to prove that they are able to create products that can withstand the Australian climate. For example, Trex, the industry leader and inventor of composite decking has a 25-year track record.

However, low quality composite deck boards have shown to be much less durable. The quality and materials vary greatly from different brands.

Composite decking colours can vary from brand to brand.

Most brands will have a variety of colours that match closely to the tones you would find in a natural wood with the added options for variations of grey weathered boards also.

Composite decking was originally invented by Trex in North America, however, more recently composite decking manufacturers have been popping up all over the world in places like China.

Most composite decking products will come with a warranty.

However, the lengths and coverage of these warranties will vary. For example, Trex composite decking has two 25-year warranties. These cover the boards for both structure and appearance.

The simplest answer is that upfront, composite decking will cost a lot more than natural timber.

However, as the maintenance would be limited to the occasional wash with warm soapy water, composite decking will end up being cheaper in the long run. While some products seem cheaper at face value, it is important to consider costs like maintenance, a lost opportunity to have a lazy lunch with the kids, or a precious Saturday afternoon used up by laboriously resealing your deck.

The upfront costings of composite decking will vary from each brand but for a quality composite product, you can expect to pay around $150 per square metre for supply of materials including fixings.

For more information on how to pick the best composite for you click the following link – How to Choose a Deck.

Choosing a deck is like choosing an investment, so it is important to think about the long-term value of your investment.

The top of the range, high-performance, eco-friendly composite boards can withstand years of sun and harsh elements.

This will vary dependant on the brand and varies from 300mm to 450mm. Please contact us for more details.

Yes, for 1st generation composites mould can be a big issue.

With 3rd generation (capped) surface composite, mould may still occur depending on its location. But is a simple and easy fix.

Learn how to clean and maintain your composite decking.

Yes, but it is relative, as you also wouldn’t be able to walk barefoot on a timber deck or pavers on a 40+ degree day.

We have found it gets to similar temperatures of dark paving or bitumen. Darker colours generally absorb more heat than lighter colours, so weigh up the options to see what is important to you: heaps of maintenance or a deck that is lower in temperature.

Yes, Trex can be custom curved right here in Western Australia.

While an experience, a fit handyman could install a deck.

We recommend using our qualified tradesman, as they install decking on a daily basis. They know things like the different manufacturers’ installation requirements, the Australian Standard 1684 Timber Framing Code, Local council building, planning & privacy requirements.

Also, because they purchase so much decking and materials, they are much more likely to get a better price than a DIY person walking in off the street at a supplier. Add to all this the little mistakes and large learning curve needed to work out how to build a deck yourself it is often the case employing one of our contractors ends up cheaper and with way less stress.

Very little. Just sweep or wash with warm soapy water when you feel necessary.

It is suggested that the deck is cleaned within a week if oily substances like BBQ grease or red wine are spilt on the deck.

Very little. Just sweep or wash with warm soapy water when you feel necessary.

It is suggested that the deck is cleaned within a week if oily substances like BBQ grease or red wine are spilt on the deck.

Most manufacturers don’t recommend it, as there is too much expansion and contraction for the paint to handle.

Also, with the third generation of decking having a virtually moisture impervious capping, it would be very difficult to get it to stick.

Not if it is very deep and gone through the capping. This is a rare occurrence because unlike first generation decking, which can scratch just with your finger-nail, the capped products are very hard to scratch.

If a major disaster happens on a capped composite product, some brands of decking can have one board from the middle of the deck removed and replaced without having to lift the whole deck.

With the first generation’s inherent softness scratches happen constantly. Some recommend scratches to be sanded out, but we don’t, as experience has shown this opens up all the surface fibres, allowing moisture, stains, and mould to have easy entry.

Yes, but very rarely is it a concern.

If our bodies are charged with static electricity, just like from carpets, we don’t notice until there is a rapid discharge, a spark.

There is an anti-static product that we recommend called Staticide that is safe and easy to apply. This will remove all traces of static electricity.

The capping on third generation composites means that they can be high pressure cleaned to make it even easier to maintain. However, some of the uncapped products and older generations may not be suited for this.

No, as there is no provision for moisture exit and therefore the decking becomes as if submerged underwater.

But there are options for installing some brands of decking over pavers and bricks without voiding the manufacturers’ warranties. Check out our decking accessories to assist with installation or contact us for more details.

Depends on the brand and generation, generally with 1st generation and lower quality brands being affected the most and the trusted brands with their third generation being totally unaffected structurally or aesthetically.

Absolutely, they are perfect around pools, lakes and marine environments.

Jetties are even made out of top brand’s composite decking.

Depends on the brand and generation with warranties ranging from non-existent to 25 years.

Don’t forget a warranty is only as good as the company that backs it. The history of composite decking is littered with horror stories of people who have had issues with their composite deck, gone to make a claim and found the company has disappeared and they are left disgusted and out of pocket.

Contact us for advice on this critical issue.

It depends on the product and this is one of the important considerations when choosing a decking brand, with some brands not having a warranty if you enclose the side of the deck.

Every project is unique and this is another reason why we are here to help you choose which product is perfect for you.

Timber Decking Questions

Generally, timber decking costs a lot more than paving.

But then again you don’t get the same result in your backyard with paving, exposed aggregate or other masonry type products. Nobody has ever said, “let’s go and hang out on the paving”.

Many factors influence this but mainly it is to do with the location, contact with the elements, and the amount of regular maintenance that the decking gets.
Trees. Plantation, old growth, sustainable, slash and burn, government controlled, unregulated.
Well if you are willing to look after it and spend a lot of time and money on maintenance.

Have other timber decking questions? Check out our 4-Minute Guide to Timber Decking

Decking Perth® Questions

A new business and we aim to provide a premium, educational, one-stop, centralised, trustworthy decking solution service for any Perth and WA customer.
No, we bought the business name, domains, etc. from the previous company and now run it to help you navigate the pitfalls of getting a new deck installed.
To help you avoid the cowboys in the decking industry and to improve your life by upgrading your backyard and therefore lifestyle with a new deck.

A local team from Perth based in Balcatta with a long history and experience in the WA construction industry.

We offer this website, downloadable information, and direct contact with our vast experience in the decking industry in Perth to help you decide what decking product best suits your lifestyle and project.

We then put you in touch with more than one qualified, professional, trusted installer who discusses your project further and then provides an accurate quote. The whole time it is totally up to you if you want to proceed, decide decking is not for you, or postpone it to a later date.

No, we don’t manufacture or install any products.

We do the important task of working out who you can trust to perform quality work in a friendly professional manner.

You can check with your installer what installation warranty they offer. For information on the warranty of a specific brand please see their respective websites.


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