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ModWood® is an Australian made and owned a composite product made essentially from a mixture of ground sustainable wood waste and plastic from recycled milk bottles.  ModWood® products are environmentally friendly, containing no formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

ModWood® has excellent levels of moisture resistance to keep it from swelling so it stays strong through damp conditions. ModWood®, like natural wood, is vulnerable to colour change with continued exposure to the sunshine and the elements, though it’s worth noting that it takes significantly longer than timber decking to fade.

Maintenance requirements for ModWood® are similar to that of natural timber decking.  The lighter coloured boards (brushed) don’t show scuffs and scratches very easily, while darker boards (smooth surface) are more at risk of visible scratches.  These can easily be corrected by applying a light application of clear natural decking oil to any scratches.

Why Choose ModWood® Composite Decking?

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Benefits of Modwood® Decking

ModWood® is the distinctly sustainable natural timber decking alternative.  Its high-wood base strongly mirrors natural timber. This sustainable decking material is much kinder to the environment than its natural timber counterpart. As long as it’s installed and used as recommended ModWood® will not warp or crack.  ModWood® is also entirely splinter-free.

Composite decking is perfect for Australia’s unique conditions; ModWood® with Flame Shield® allows for the most flame retardant decking available in Australia for use in bushfire prone locations.  Protection levels are as high as Bushfire-Attack-Level (BAL) 40.

Compared to other timber-based decking, Flame Shield® has the highest BAL rating on the Australian market. Flame Shield® decking can be installed with either an enclosed or unenclosed sub-structure and is offered in all four colours of the ModWood® Natural Grain Collection, with boards that measures 137 x 23mm. Flame Shield® also has a deeply embossed pattern on the board surface to improve slip resistance and is manufactured to R11, AS 4586:2013.

Naturally striking, stylish colours and grain emulates timber decks without the hassle of wood

ModWood® Product Range


ModWood XTREME GUARD® provides unique capped protection for your decking, making it more durable, mould and mildew resistant, and splinter-free. It has also been manufactured to the highest level of slip resistance. This makes XTREME GUARD® the perfect choice for pool areas or commercial venues. 

Using a combination of Australian manufacturing and world-class engineering, ModWood XTREME GUARD® is exceptionally versatile. Its hidden fastening system allows builders to create both standard and irregular shaped decks – all with no painting, staining or oiling required.

ModWood XTREME GUARD® is a long-lasting, low maintenance decking option for residential and commercial properties.


Until recently, suitable decking for bushfire-prone areas was limited. This has all changed with the introduction of Flame Shield® – a specially formulated ModWood® board with a fire-retardant additive.

Flame Shield® can be used in BAL-12.5, BAL-19, BAL-29 and BAL-40 areas and gives you a traditional timber decking look and feel. Flame Shield® has the highest BAL rating compared to timber-based decking in the Australian market place.


ModWood®’s composite decking comes in a range of sizes, colours and finishes, allowing you the flexibility of use for both residential or commercial projects which require a combination of function and style.

A versatile decking option, ModWood® is easy to install and is a delightful addition to any setting.  Since ModWood® is equipped for the harshest Australian weather conditions, it’s a low-maintenance and trustworthy alternative to traditional timber.

Use ModWood® for poolside decking, alfresco decking, or for a large entertaining platform; it not only adds elegance but is also long-wearing, eco-friendly, and splinter-free.


ModWood® Marina is a bigger, more durable board designed for marinas, boardwalks, outdoor furniture and heavy duty decking areas.

ModWood® Marina is a 137 x 32mm board – and is especially suited for ecologically sensitive areas, with no harmful chemicals in its make-up.  Marina board is formulated to withstand a substantial foot traffic load and is highly resistant to harsh salt air and unforgiving Australian elements.

What’s more, ModWood® Marina is manufactured to a R11 anti-slip rating.

ModWood XTREME GUARD® Colours

ModWood XTREME GUARD® is available in five colour varieties:  

ModWood® Colours

ModWood® is available in four colour varieties:  

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