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Everything you need to know to get approval before building

Do I Need Council Approval for Decking?

A deck is the perfect place for entertaining and relaxing throughout the year while giving your house a new and modern look.  Many people are often unsure if they need local council approval when adding decking, the answer is dependent on your local council regulations.  

We have provided some general info to consider when adding decking and applying for council approval. Most local decking professionals will be able to tell you if you need approval, however it is always best to confirm with your city council.

What are the requirements for your council? Find out now!

When is Council Approval Required?

As a general guideline, it is always a good idea to get in contact with your local council. They will tell you the city requirements for either building or renovating along with any specifications to be applied.

Many city councils require their residents to gain approval and permits for the building of new structures, structural alterations to the foundation of the building or extensions. Additional permits may be required from specific councils depending on the area and specifications of the proposed decking.  

Some councils require permits for all decking regardless of height or size of the structure and additional development applications if the decking is raised above certain levels.

A general rule to follow when adding decking is; you will need council approval if the decking is raised either equal or greater than 500mm from the existing ground level. The proposed area is further than 900mm from the property line or exceeds a height greater than 2.4m.  The permits are necessary to ensure the safety of the structure along with abiding by regulations and specifications concerning privacy and interference with neighbouring properties.  

Depending on the area you are residing in there can be additional approvals concerning materials, termite treatment, requirements and necessary standards for areas prone to bushfires.  

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If you are renovating or redoing an existing deck, you should also check with your local council to ensure that you are still complying with any standards and regulations that may have changed since the original building. This is critical if you are planning to either expand the total area of the decking or increase the height or distance from the ground.

The council can also provide instructions on how to correctly dispose of the existing timber and materials.


How to Make Approval Easier

The approval process can appear daunting; however you can make the process easier for both you and your council through providing the necessary plans and information. Plans of your existing home along with detailed plans and specifications of the proposed structure are recommended.

The more Information you provide your council on your existing structures and planned renovations will not only allow the council to make a decision easier, but to provide you with the correct permits.  The details provided should include the height of the proposed structure, the location and design of the decking.

Planning and building permits will be provided by the council after the assessment process is completed, stating the decking will be structurally sound fitting into the proposed areas while not negatively affecting neighbours. Some city councils are unable to assist you or provide you with the relevant information regarding decking until these plans and drawings have been provided.

The simplest thing to do when adding decking to your home is to get in contact with your local council either on their webpage, email or giving them a call.

Below is a list of local councils along with contact information.

Perth Councils Information