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Why Choose eDeck Engineered Decking?

eDeck Engineered Decking is stunning, hard-wearing hardwood at its best. Thanks to the engineered finish of your decking boards, you will save time along with material cost compared to traditional timber decking options.  

Australia has some of the finest timber species on Earth, and eDeck is available in native Jarrah hardwood that is renowned for its durability, strength and natural beauty.  Jarrah eDeck, sourced from the south-west of Western Australia, provides an ideal decking solution for our Perth based customers.

Benefits of eDeck

Easy installation

This eco-friendly Jarrah decking solution is available in generous set lengths up to 5400mm, meaning less joining work is required. 

The dual width options (available in both 90mm or 135mm) offer you two distinct size specifications to choose from to suit your ideal decking space. eDeck follows European guidelines on board thickness, offering a solid 21mm density, which means your deck will be strong and long lasting.

edeck jarrah decking

Durable and UV resistant

eDeck boards come pre-oiled with a water based exterior oil.  Just as durable as an oil-based finish, this gives your deck the advantage of being mould and fungus resistant from the get-go, with inherent protection from UV damage and the effects of harsh weather.

Your pre-oiled eDeck also means better colour retention, however you can apply a further topcoat should you wish to tint the deck another colour.

Less screws and more stability

The environmentally friendly eDeck adhesive comes with a high material safety rating, and reliably fixes the interlocking deck lengths neatly and firmly together without the need for screws.  

This process means there’s less tension along the board lengths, providing your deck with more stability than other fixing methods. It also lessens movement within and between your timber decking boards through fluctuating weather patterns and seasonal changes.

Water damage resistant

When it comes to managing wet weather and damp residue, eDeck board’s profile features a slight convex curvature on the board face (called Watershed), allowing any water to run off the board naturally, avoiding build up and subsequent water damage.  

The underside recess or ‘frog’ on each length in turn allows for enhanced airflow and reducing cupping.  This design goes a long way to ensure the longevity of your eDeck – along with minimal maintenance hassles and stress. 

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eDeck Product Range

eDeck Jarrah boards are available in two decking profile widths: 90mm and 135mm. See specifications table below for dimension particulars.

eDeck Colours

While all eDeck’s boards come pre-oiled, it’s possible for you to apply a topcoat to adjust the shade to suit your specific taste.  

The Decking Perth team would be happy to advise on a superior quality colour stain or tint to suit your needs.  Please chat with us for details on our wide range of suitable timber coatings to achieve the ideal colour for your project.

Fixing Systems 

eDeck decking boards are engineered with interlocking finger joints and are fixed using a custom eDeck environmentally friendly adhesive product.  Need more information? Don’t hesitate to ask the Perth Decking team for more details!


Board variations are outlined in detail below. Please note that in both cases it’s important to leave a 5mm space between boards to allow timber to expand. 

eDeck  Decking Profiles Grade Lengths Thickness Coverage Span
Engineered Jarrah Decking
90mm board width
Standard & Better 2.7m /


21mm 90mm 450mm
Engineered Jarrah Decking

135mm board width

Standard & Better 2.7m /


21mm 135mm 450mm

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