Batu Decking Perth

What is Batu Timber Decking?

Batu timber is used for outdoor decking in Perth, Western Australia. Batu decking is known for features such as its hardness and affordable price.

Batu Decking Specifications

  • Other names: Yellow Balau, Bangkirai
  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Colour: light brown to dark brown with red undertones
  • Close Alternatives: Spotted Gum, Jarrah, Merbau, Pine, Trex Tiki Torch
  • Grain: marbled, visible growth rings
  • Resistance:
    • Lyctid Resistance: Sapwood not susceptible
    • Marine Borer Resistance: N/A
    • Bushfire rating: not rated unless treated
    • Fire Properties Group: 3 – slightly combustible
    • Natural durability: class 2 above ground applications

Batu timber decking patio decking

Batu Decking Installation

Batu hardwood needs sufficient ventilation and the ability to breathe. When building your deck, you will require additional joist supports, bearer supports, pedestals, and other decking accessories. We advise using galvanised and nylon polymer fixtures.

We recommend Klevaklip for their range of deck substructure fixings and brackets because it’s easy to use, backed by warranty, and reduces installation time and costs. Klevaklip products are both sturdy and durable with well-considered features like built-in ridges to ventilate joists and keep your substructure rot-free. Klevaklip can be found in your local hardware stores.

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Batu Decking Maintenance

Batu timber will require a reasonable level of maintenance, as the sunny Perth climate is damaging to hardwood timber. If you want to preserve the look and lifespan of your Batu decking, we’d recommend scheduling regular maintenance sessions to clean and refinish to ensure longevity. Need help maintaining your timber deck? Contact us, and we’ll put you in touch with someone who can help!

If you’re looking for a low maintenance deck, we’d recommend you also look at composite decking; it’s a great looking and easy to care for.

Proper Batu timber maintenance requires:

  • applying a quality decking oil regularly
  • washing with a hose regularly
  • cleaning with a soft bristled brush & broom

Batu Decking Pricing

The pricing for Batu wood decking can vary depending on the quantity required, finish and length.

It is considered a relatively affordable option for decking timber. However, Batu installation costs are higher than alternatives because of the number of fixtures required and the time needed to install.

Other costs to consider are the upkeep required to keep the colour and aesthetics; all timber species are prone to weathering, rotting and splintering.

Learn more about the short and long-term costs of decking.

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