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Why Choose Accoya Decking in Perth?

The makers of Accoya decking start with premium timber. Then, they treat the timber, using a process called acetylation, to improve durability, stability, in-ground performance, and paint retention. The result? Premium wood decking that scientists use as a benchmark to measure other timber decks by.

Optimal performance, years of service, and beauty that endures through the years marks an Accoya deck. Accoya timber undergoes extensive testing in both the laboratory and the field, resulting in a deck that delivers high performance and reliability, no matter how harsh the climate.

If you love the look of a timber deck but don’t love the way it wears, Accoya decking is your perfect solution. With reduced swelling and shrinkage, there’s less stress on the timber itself. Nearly rot-proof, it can last as long as 50 years above the ground. Used in the ground or even in freshwater, it can last for a quarter of a century.

If you want a timber deck that will last down through the generations, Accoya should be your top choice. Discover more about this amazing timber decking below:

Benefits of Accoya® Decking Products

There are a wealth of benefits of using Accoya decking when you want a timber deck—but not all the work that goes into maintaining one. With an Accoya deck, you have all the natural beauty of genuine timber but none of the hassle. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider Accoya for your next project.

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Accoya Deck Coating Guide

  • Make sure that the timber is clean, dry, and free from dust before you apply a coating
  • Apply an end-grain sealer
  • Use a stain-blocking primer for opaque base coats
  • Translucent coatings should contain a mouldicidal ingredient
  • Apply three layers of paint over the hardware that isn’t corrosion-proof
  • Test a hidden sample area before you coat the deck itself
  • Follow all manufacturer guidelines

How does Accoya Perform?

  • Durability:In testing by Scion, a New Zealand timber research firm, Accoya scored higher in durability than other naturally durable and preservative-treated timber, giving it the highest possible rating for durability. It can last 50 years in an above-ground installation and 25 years in freshwater or in-ground installations.
  • Water ingress: Accidents can happen. Whether exposure to water comes from damage by a fallen branch or a mistake in installation, it pays to have timber that can stand up to water. In testing on deliberately poorly constructed L-joints by the UK’s Building Research Establishment (BRE), Accoya wood showed no damage from rot or decay over 15 years’ time, while non-acetylated wood showed major structural damage.
  • Longevity: The BRE also tested Accoya for estimated longevity in exterior applications. Even in the UK’s cool, moist climate, researchers estimated that Accoya timber would enjoy 60 years of useful life.
  • Termite resistance: In testing performed by the Australian Forest Research Company (AFRC), Accoya wood showed only a mass loss of 8.5%, compared to percentages of 49% to 100% for other naturally durable types of wood.

As you can see, an investment in an Accoya timber deck is an investment for a lifetime. Read more about Accoya’s performance in tests throughout the world in Accoya’s full-length research report.

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How to Maintain your Accoya Deck

  • When installing your Accoya deck, make sure that you treat and coat all cut ends with a product approved for Accoya.
  • Clean your deck regularly with an Accoya-approved cleaning solution.
  • Each year give your deck a deep cleaning. After the yearly deep cleaning, apply an approved coating protectant with a soft cloth, giving an extra layer of protection to your coating.
  • For mould and algae cleaning, wash affected areas with a solution of household bleach diluted with water (three parts water to one part bleach). After you remove the mould or algae, rinse with clean water.

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