Minor renovations that are having a major impact on house prices

Over the past year and a half, Perth has been in the middle of a renovation boom, and it wasn’t all sparked by government building grants. Couples and families that were forced to stay at home realised that it was time their home deserved a facelift. 

A recent article published by housing experts domain.com.au said, 

“In Australia, the number of enquiries about renovations has grown 102 per cent compared to this time last year.” 

It seems that if you can’t holiday away, then why not bring the holiday home. Being Australian, naturally the outdoor entertaining area was a high priority

One of the most affordable and value-adding additions you can make to your home is installing outdoor decking. It can change the whole look and feel of an outdoor area and set the tone for any future renovations. Creating a warm, inviting outdoor space for family and friends is what people want in a home.

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Bright indoor outdoor decking

According to realestate.com.au, recent stats calculated the average budget for renovations across Western Australia to be just under $55,000. 

We’ve seen a surge in people wanting to expand their current living areas with an extension and refresh their outdoor entertainment area by adding a pergola, deck or even swimming pool.”

People are putting their money to good use and adding value to their homes. Even if you don’t have the funds for a pool, a new pergola and a fresh-looking deck can really improve the look of an outdoor area while making it highly functional.

The next step is to figure out what style of decking you prefer.

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What decking should you choose?

Jarrah deck patio

So, what are your options for outdoor decking? Essentially there’s two; timber and composite. Choosing which product is best for you can depend on several things, including:

  • Available time to maintain your decking
  • Your stance on sustainability and the environment
  • Where you plan to install your decking 
  • Personal preference

Let’s look at both timber and composite decking and find out which one is best for you.

Timber Decking

indoor outdoor decking

Natural, warm and inviting. For many people, nothing can compare to the natural feel and look of timber. The colour, the grain and the imperfections all add to the attractiveness. 

Types of timber decking include: 

Jarrah: Jarrah is naturally resistant to weather and rot, making it perfect for outdoor use. Jarrah is a hardwood that is popular due to its distinct colour and durability. 

Spotted Gum: Spotted Gum is a hardwood valued for its strength and durability. Spotted Gum is widely available in Australia and is suitable for outdoor use as decking.

Blackbutt: Blackbutt timber is a lighter Australian hardwood that darkens over time or with the use of decking oil. It is an extremely durable decking option.

Merbau: Merbau timber is highly durable, resistant to termites, making it perfect for outdoor use. It takes well to changes such as painting, staining, and polishing.

Fijian Mahogany: Fijian Mahogany’s versatility and durability has seen it used for everything from furniture to boats to custom made guitars to outdoor decking. A low-maintenance timber that is naturally stable and rich in colour.  

Composite Decking

Trex outdoor area

Over the past 25 years, composite decking has increased in popularity. This is partly to do with how good it looks (more timber like and less plastic), how environmentally friendly it is and how easy it is to maintain. While the initial cost of composite may be higher than timber, in the long term you’ll save both time and money. Composite decking has many benefits:

  • Comes as a finished product – no oil or protective coating to add
  • Long lengths with less joins
  • Quicker installation time
  • Clean finish using CAMO hidden fasteners 
  • Long lasting and very hard wearing
  • Virtually maintenance free

Some of the most popular brands of composite decking include:

Eva-Last: Eva-Last has evolved into one of the market leaders in composite decking. Their bamboo/plastic composite design is visually appealing and environmentally friendly.   

TimberTech: If you want the timber look but without the hassle of re-oiling your deck every year, TimberTech is your choice. It feels great underfoot and is manufactured using recycled materials. 

Hardiedeck: Hardiedeck is made from durable fibre cement boards giving it a high bushfire rating, moisture and heat resistance. Compared to timber and other composite decking, Hardiedeck stays cooler in the sun.   

Millboard: While most composite decking is a mixture of wood and plastic, Millboard is different. Made from an innovative polyurethane resin, it’s 100% splinter free and makes the perfect option around pool areas.

Modwood: Australian made and owned, Modwood is manufactured using wood waste and recycled milk bottles. Materials that could end up in landfill are used to produce a durable and natural-looking composite deck.  

Trex: Trex is a name that has long been associated with composite decking and continues to lead the way in quality and innovation. Trex Transcend is designed to handle high traffic areas and comes backed by a 25-year warranty. 

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When is the best time to renovate?

Circular saw and decking board

While brickies may be in high demand right now, and building prices quite high, chippies and specialist decking installers are readily available to spruce up your outdoor area. If you buy through Perth’s decking specialist, Decking Perth, they’ll even put you in touch with an expert installer

As for the best time? Well, with overseas travel on hold and a few extra dollars in your pocket, you couldn’t ask for a better time. Any additions and updates are only going to improve the value of your home. Plus, you get to enjoy a new-look outdoor area! 

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