In terms of safety, longevity, appearance and affordability, HardieDeck composite decking ticks all the right boxes. It makes a great choice for outdoor living spaces.

If you have a deck project coming up and you’re planning to use HardieDeck, you’re on the right track. Before you start though, be sure to carefully read our installation guide below and consult with your supplier regarding what council approval may be required. If you think installing a deck might be beyond your capabilities, your supplier will be able to recommend a qualified installer.

So, let’s find out more about HardieDeck and why it’s such a great decking material for the Australian lifestyle.

Why choose HardieDeck composite decking?

HardieDeck by the pool

Beyond its stunning appearance, there are many reasons HardieDeck composite decking makes such an excellent alternative to timber.

Smooth and splinter free 

Since HardieDeck composite decking features hidden screws as attachments, you can take off your shoes and walk on your deck barefoot without any fear of getting that random splinter injury. That can’t always be said for timber decking.

Extremely durable 

HardieDeck is built to last. It is moisture-resistant, heat, UV and fire-resistant. This makes it perfect for building poolside decks and it won’t warp, splinter or lose shape with moisture or heat exposure. And since HardieDeck is BAL-FZ bushfire resistant, you can install a barbeque or fire pit without fear of damaging your deck.

Termite and mould resistant

Aside from being able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, HardieDeck is both mould and termite resistant. So instead of worrying about how long your deck will last, you can relax and enjoy your deck (almost maintenance free) for years to come.

Extensive colour range 

It doesn’t matter what colour theme you have around your home, you’re sure to find the perfect accompanying colour from the HardieDeck colour range. 

How do you install HardieDeck?

HardieDeck outdoor decking

To start the HardieDeck installation process, you first need to assemble all the materials:

  • The correct number of HardieDeck boards in the appropriate size based on the final deck design
  • Double-winged base jointer for connecting the HardieDeck boards to the joists
  • Snap-in top strip, which snaps into the base jointer to conceal fasteners (after you are done with coating)
  • HardieDeck edge caps, which are needed to finish the entire deck perimeter
  • James Hardie joint sealant, designed to hold the boards in place and provide support
  • Composite decking sealer.

With all the materials ready, you can start the installation process.

  1. Using the final deck layout, prepare and set the frame.
  2. Temporarily fix the HardieDeck edge caps, making sure to apply James Hardie joint sealant thoroughly to the joists. You can now put the first board in place.
  3. Position the double-winged base jointers over each joist. Fix the screws ¾ of the way. Next, put the second board in place and tighten the screws all the way through.
  4. Place the next row of base jointers, followed by the board. Then fix each base jointer all the way. Repeat this process until you can complete the deck. However, make sure you maintain a 10-millimetre gap between your house and the first deck board.
  5. Next, remove the edge cap you temporarily fixed and proceed to seal the deck. Make sure you refer to the official HardieDeck sealing guide for the complete procedure.
  6. Finally, install the snap-in top strips as well as the edge caps all around the deck perimeter.

For best results, install HardieDeck during clear weather for minimum drying or curing time. 

Sealing the deck is highly recommended and should be done within 60 days of installation. However, if your deck is intended for use with a pool, or is located in a coastal area, sealing must be finished within seven days of installation.

How to keep your HardieDeck looking good

HardieDeck front porch

One of the many perks of installing HardieDeck in the Perth climate is that it’s incredibly easy to maintain.

Simply use a low-pressure water hose to get rid of new or light dirt. If there are hard-to-clean stains, apply some mild detergent using a soft cloth or brush and wash clean.

For complete details on installing your HardieDeck composite deck, visit the HardieDeck site. If you have any questions or need more information on how much your HardieDeck deck will cost, contact the team at Decking Perth.

Remember, Decking Perth can also recommend an installer to help design and build your perfect outdoor area.