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Trex® Transcend® Decking Perth

With beautifully arranged timber grains and the finish of an elegant exotic hardwood, Trex® Transcend® composite decking is unmatched in its brilliance and ingenuity. Trex® decking is designed with a semi-gloss finish, and is made to undertake high traffic environments, promising exceptional durability.

With five stunning exotic hardwood colours to choose from, Transcend Composite Decking gives you the freedom to complement your existing wall cladding, screening, balustrading, railing and lighting selections to create your perfect outdoor oasis.

Composite Trex® decking offers the perfect blend of design and functional features, alluring you and the family to spend more time outside.

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Benefits of Trex® Transcend® Decking

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The Transcend Design Features

Trex Transcend boards are available in square edge and groove edge, giving you the freedom to get creative with your deck plans.

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Trex® Transcend® Colours

Over 200 million kilograms of plastic and wood are saved from rubbish tips each year thanks to the Trex® production process.

Trex® Installation & Accessories

Trex® offers a range of methods to install your Transcend® decks. So contact the leading Perth decking company, Decking Perth for further information on Trex® decking.

Trex products come with their own accessories that have been perfected over the years for comfort and as design features. The hidden fasteners used to keep the boards intact without the obvious visibility of the connector.

Trex® Transcend® Warranty

With a 25 year company warranty for residential and commercial projects, it’s hard to not trust the product. Learn more

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