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Deck Drainage Perth

Trex® RainEscape

Know that empty space under your deck? Welcome to your shady new bonus room.

The Reliable Deck Drainage System

Mother Nature is unpredictable with her cyclones, rains and stormy nights. Trex® has put together a fully equipped system to create a happy medium between nature and your decks. Increasing the lifetime value of your new or existing deck

Don’t allow the weather to dictate the value of your asset. The drain system is useful in increasing a return on the investment that is your new deck.

Requirements for Trex® RainEscape®

The product is inexpensive – located below the deck and acts as a water gathering system


  • Increase longevity of your Trex or non-trex decking system
  • Utilises the space under the deck.
  • Collects rainwater that can be repurposed (garden, lawn or cleaning etc)
  • Ease of installation with three tools: a knife, sealant dispenser, and a staple gun.
  • Small in size enabling easy transportation.
  • Comes with 4 pieces for installation; the sealant, a roll of Butyl tape, down spout and the Trough (comes in 4.88 m or 3.66 m)

The unique Trex® RainEscape under-deck drainage system keeps rain, spills and snow melt from dripping through the decking boards above, creating a dry room below. Safely outfit the space with speakers, electronics.

Whatever your ultimate getaway requires-then finish the ceiling with TrexTrim® beadboard for a refined, polished look.

We’ve got everything you need to create a seamless, elegant deck.

Product Information

Decking Range Profile Width Thickness Length Colours
Deck Drainage Down Spout n/a n/a n/a Light Brown
Deck Drainage Trough n/a n/a 3.66m Light Brown
Deck Drainage Trough n/a n/a 4.88m Light Brown
Deck Drainage Butyl Sealant n/a n/a n/a Cedar
Deck Drainage Joint tape 100mm n/a 15.24m Black

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