Installing timber decking takes careful planning. It’s certainly not a job you want to rush. However, if you want to make the job easier, you should choose to install pre-oiled decking. It’ll give you a longer-lasting timber deck and reduce your ongoing maintenance. Really, what more could you ask for?

Basically, you select from our range of timber products, the timber is then pre-oiled by machine in the warehouse, stacked and wrapped and delivered to your home ready to install. Everything about pre-oiled decking makes sense, but many people still choose to do it the hard way.

It’s not just the added labour time you need to worry about. What can happen if your timber deck isn’t evenly sealed on all sides? Will it last as long without proper protection?  

Keep reading to find out why you should choose pre-oiled decking.


1. Decking is difficult to oil after installation

Oiling top of decking

If you choose to install unsealed timber, you’ll need to oil or coat the decking as soon as it’s finished. The issue is, it can be almost impossible to access all areas of the timber once it’s installed. How do you add oil underneath your deck or on the inside edges when you physically can’t reach those areas? The answer is simple – you can’t. Those areas of your decking end up being permanently unsealed which can create issues down the track and, more than likely, will reduce the life of your deck.


2. Pre-oiled decking is already weather protected

Water on pre-oiled deck

Exposing unsealed timber decking to the rain and sun will deteriorate your timber boards faster than anything. You need to ensure that every external part of your timber decking is sealed to save the boards from decaying. Rain is not the only moisture that can get into your timber decking. Both heat and the rain can create a build up of moisture under your boards. That moisture can slowly seep into the unprotected underside of the timber and can create long-term damage.


3. Pre-oiled decking saves time and money

Pre-oiled decking near pool

Whether you choose to install your deck or hire someone to do the job for you, pre-oiling your timber will save time and money. Pre-oiling your decking with a machine is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to seal your timber boards. Oiling a deck is not a job you or your builder can avoid, it’ll need to be done at some stage. The other big benefit during installation is protection from unexpected weather.

Imagine being half-way through building your deck when a sudden downpour hits. If your timber is unsealed, it’s now exposed to moisture – that’s not something you can reverse. Also, the tannins in the timber will immediately be released – that means a high probability of unsightly stains on any nearby surface. Decking Perth chooses to pre-coat timber with Cutek – the preferred brand of professional installers. 

Cutek Pre-oiling machine

Pre-oiled Timber     Pre-oiled Blackbutt


4. Decking will last longer and be more stable 

Warped Outdoor Decking

Sealing your decking before installation means every side of each board is evenly and expertly sealed. This type of protection will give your decking the best chance of a long life and help keep your boards stable – no warping, splitting or cracking. It only takes one board to deteriorate to ruin a perfectly good deck. Unsealed boards are also at risk of attracting mould and fungus. To further enhance the stability of your deck, Decking Perth uses stainless steel screws and joist protection tape. Joist tape is a super strong adhesive, that helps screws hold in place longer – that means less maintenance and a deck that lasts even longer.   


5. Your decking won’t be over oiled

Sticky oiled decking

Applying oil to your decking sounds like a simple job, but there are plenty of variables that can affect the finished product. Some hardwoods can be naturally oily and won’t absorb as much oil. If you use too much oil, the deck can become sticky. While hardwood timber certainly is an appealing choice – it’s also easy to see why many people choose to install composite decking around their home. With composite decking there’s no need to sand, oil or paint.  

If you’re keen to install a new deck around your outdoor garden area, and save some time and money at the same time, choose pre-oiled timber decking. You’ll also save yourself from the impossible job of trying to oil all sides of a finished deck. 

To find out more about our range of timber decking, and options for pre-oiling your decking, contact the team at Decking Perth.