It’s summer in Perth and that means spending more time outdoors. Nothing beats having a BBQ with family and friends on the back deck – it’s an Aussie tradition! 

Installing a deck not only increases living space, it also adds value to your home. With a brand new deck, you’ll enjoy your outdoor area more, and if it’s paired with a backyard pool, well… you’ve got the perfect combination.

Before you start your research there are several factors you need to consider. These include budget, aesthetics and safety. This will help determine the style of decking you should choose.

One type of hardwood that continues to rise in popularity is merbau decking timber. Merbau is a durable, low maintenance timber that is also stylish and relatively affordable.

If you’re unfamiliar with merbau, keep reading and we’ll discuss some key features and reasons why merbau timber decking is a great choice.


What is Merbau Timber? Where does it come from?

Merbau decking Colourtone Rustic-Gold

Merbau timber thrives in tropical regions. Much of the merbau timber used in Australia comes from managed plantations in Northern Queensland, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. The trees can grow up to 40 metres in height and up to 60 centimetres in trunk diameter.

Merbau is a beautiful, rich-coloured hardwood timber that requires much less maintenance than some other hardwoods. It is well regarded for its high usability, resistance to termites and exceptional resilience.


Why choose Merbau Timber Decking?

Merbau timber screening

Want to find out why Merbau timber continues to be a popular choice for decking in WA? Read these five quick facts: 

1. Merbau timber decking looks great

The wavy grain design of merbau timber is certainly one of its major drawcards. The colour of merbau timber can transition from brown to reddish-brown and occasionally, pale gold. The colours perfectly blend in with the surrounding nature. 

2. Merbau timber is versatile

Since merbau is not as hard as some timber species, it is easier to work with. If needed, merbau can easily be cut into unique shapes which allows you to explore more design options.

Its versatility makes it great cladding, screening, flooring, marine construction and of course, decking. Merbau is also used to make outdoor furniture and musical instruments. 

3. Merbau timber is bushfire resistant

Merbau timber is bushfire resistant, which makes it exceptionally suitable in bushfire-prone areas. It is one of seven Australian timbers commonly used in areas susceptible to bushfires. The other six timbers include, blackbutt, spotted gum and, those more common in the Eastern States, turpentine, red river gum, red ironbark and silvertop ash.

4. Merbau timber can handle all types of weather

Merbau is a durable timber decking material and is highly suitable for all open-air uses. It is very stable and resists shrinking, whether it is subjected to water, moisture or heat.

5. Merbau timber is long lasting

Merbau has a timber durability rating of C1, which is the highest rating available. 


Caring for Merbau Timber

Oiled Merbau Timber

One thing to remember about merbau is that it is rich in natural oils, so it can ‘bleed’ dark brown or red tanins when it is exposed to moisture, for example during periods of heavy dew or rain. Owners of merbau decks can choose between letting the merbau bleed naturally at its own pace or hastening the process with a suitable deck wash. Please note; if you are using Cutek oil there is no need to remove the tanins before oiling. 

Regular oiling (every 6-12 months) using a high-quality clear timber oil will keep merbau timber in good condition. Decking oils, whether water or oil-based, can help to ensure merbau timber looks beautiful and maintains its rich, classic look.

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