Australians are an inventive lot. We’re always looking for ways to make something go faster, cost less or look better than it already is. 

One invention from an Australian-owned company has made a lot of tradies and homeowners happy is KlevaKlip. The KlevaKlip decking installation system was originally created to provide a concealed fixing system for outdoor decks. In other words, hiding nails or screws from view. After the success of their initial invention, KlevaKlip diversified their range and now provides products to fill a variety of niche markets within the building industry. 

KlevaKlip is designed to be used with selected composite decking and timber boards and is often the preferred product when building decks that are low to the ground. Apart from the time and money saved during the installation of your deck, KlevaKlip reduces the amount of ongoing maintenance needed.

Want more reasons why you should install a deck using KlevaKlip? Keep reading, we’ve got 10 good reasons.

What is KlevaKlip?

snap clip

KlevaKlip is essentially a snap-in and lock (Snap-LOC) installation system for selected composite decking and timber boards. Tradies love it because it makes the job easier and quicker than the traditional nails or screw in method. Without getting too technical, KlevaKlip works on a fixed pitch principle – this allows the gaps between boards to remain consistent. Every time a new board is inserted into the KlevaKlip, it tightens the one installed before. This increases the holding power of each clip on the decking boards. Adhesive is added to this mechanical holding system to further improve the longevity which makes it superior to conventional fastening systems. 

KlevaKlip provides decking accessories for a range of composite decking brands including ModWood and Trex. These products include various decking kits, adjustable joist supports, multi-purpose supports and adjustable bearer supports. 

How does KlevaKlip work?

snap clips

KlevaKlip Snap-LOC clips are designed to make installing decking boards as easy as possible. Boards can be snapped in by ‘walking the board into the clip’ using nothing more than their body weight.

Composite decking boards perfectly fit into the teeth of the KlevaKlip thanks to a special groove along each side of the board. Not only does this give the clip excellent holding power but it also reduces how much adhesive needed during installation.

10 Reasons why you should choose KlevaKlip

adjustable joist support

You can’t argue that KlevaKlip is the easiest and fastest decking installation system! 

  1. The system saves an enormous amount of installation time because of how quick and easy to use it is. 
  2. Decking boards can be used off the shelf. There is no need to modify the edges of the board in any way.
  3. The KlevaKlip system ensures that the gaps between individual boards remain consistent. This creates a uniform look and ensures there are no weak points throughout the deck. 
  4. It doesn’t require the use of nails so there is no risk of nail or screw heads rising above the boards and creating a potential risk for injury through stubbing a toe or tripping.
  5. Because no nails are used, it prevents water damage to both boards and joints normally caused by water permeating the nail or screw holes.
  6. For tradies, even the fussiest customer won’t find a fault with decking installed using KlevaKlip. No more call backs! 
  7. It can be used directly on steel joists without needing to install a timber batten first.
  8. It reduces how much adhesive is needed for installation.
  9. KlevaKlips are made with engineered nylon that doesn’t require the extra cost of powder coating. This means the price of KlevaKlips is lower than that of stainless-steel clips.
  10. The engineered nylon also means that they are not susceptible to rust and are ideal for use in coastal areas, beside pools and anywhere that humidity or damp can cause stainless steel clips to oxidise and weaken.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the customer or the installer, KlevaKlip benefits everyone. Time saved installing, money saved with reduced labour costs – it’s a win-win situation.

If you want to find out more about using KlevaKlip for your outdoor deck, contact Decking Perth today. Not only can we supply KlevaKlip accessories, we also have a huge range of quality composite decking brands to make your outdoor area complete.