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The Aliwood decking difference lies in its innovative and durable, purpose-built aluminium products, which feature a beautifully convincing woodgrain finish.  Aliwood allows you to overcome the limitations of timber in respect to longevity, particularly in bushfire prone areas and in locations marked by unforgiving levels of salty air, sun, wind, and rain.  

The manufacturer is an Australian-owned company with 13 years of success under its belt, the Aliwood brand continues to cause a stir in the architecture and construction industries thanks to its cutting-edge approach to design, and ever-expanding product range.  

Aliwood is an extremely low maintenance product that continues to gain fans across Australia, due to its outstanding ease of upkeep, all while looking just like natural timber.

Benefits of Aliwood Decking

Aliwood Decking is designed for use in residential or commercial settings.  It has none of the drawbacks of traditional timber and is an entirely hassle-free decking product. Aliwood decking is the perfect decking material for anywhere you wish to install a deck, even moist areas like around your pool or along WA’s coast.

Benefits of Aliwood include:

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Why Choose Aliwood Decking and Screening?

Aliwood decking is an exceptional decking solution if your building site – whether it be your home or commercial property – is fire-prone.  It’s also gives a polished finish to fit outs and commercial facilities. Aliwood guarantees a highly durable deck with striking aesthetics and fuss-free installation. Aliwood decking will continue to reward you for years; it requires almost zero ongoing maintenance.  

By choosing Aliwood, you’re certainly covered for quality.  The product is ASNZ certified for 600mm centres on wood floor joists and it’s 100% watertight. Aliwood boards are manufactured to order so you can rest assured there’s no unnecessary waste to worry about.

With its extremely unique properties and dazzling design for home and commercial applications, Aliwood is a decking option that completely stands out from the crowd.

Aliwood Product Range

Aliwood offers a wide range of woodgrain look aluminium products to choose from.  These products are purpose-built for application and are designed for simple installation, easy upkeep and striking aesthetics.

Aliwood Colours

Aliwood Profile

Aliwood’s unique profile design makes it lightweight and easy to install.  It comes in 100% watertight panels, which interlock with a secret screw system.  This system also allows for a super-fast installation time.

Aliwood is designed with a non-slip surface and comes in pre-moulded decking slats which are joined by way of T-joiners.  The addition of starter and decking nose pieces align with the edges and angles of your deck for a polished result.

How much will Aliwood decking cost for your project?
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Installation and Maintenance

Installing Aliwood

To install your Aliwood deck you’ll need the following tools:

  • Tape measure
  • Drop saw
  • Spirit level
  • Screws
  • Drill bit
  • Electric drill

Installation method:

  1. Measure out your decking area width with a tape measure and note this measurement down. Ensure your floor joists are properly fixed in place and ready for you to lay your decking slats.
  2. Using a drop saw, cut the starter piece to the correct length.
  3. Similarly, cut your decking slats to the correct length.
  4. Then, cut your nose pieces to the correct length.
  5. With any outer facing ends of these nose pieces, cut each to 45 degrees.
  6. Mount starter piece to the back of the joist or to the front face of your wall.  Fix in place using a drill and screws.
  7. Place, lock and fix the boards in place the first decking piece using drill and ‘secret screw’.
  8. Continue with step 7 until you’ve achieved your measured width.
  9. Finally, mount the nose-capping piece to frame the edges of your deck.

There you have it – in less than ten easy steps will have your new Aliwood deck installed and ready to enjoy!  

For further instructions, refer to Aliwood’s decking installation guide.

Fixing Tools

Aliwood’s secret screw system works to firmly fix interlocking decking slats, while achieving a smooth and seamless finish without any surface screws in sight.  

Aliwood’s specialised fixing system saves a great deal of installation time, while also achieving significant load bearing and non-slip approval standards.

Maintaining your Aliwood

Exceedingly low maintenance no matter the environment it is exposed to, maintaining your Aliwood deck is as simple as spraying with a pressure hose and wiping clean with a cloth!  

Unlike timber or composite decking, Aliwood is 100% waterproof and not susceptible to rot, mould or insect damage.  

Aliwood’s aluminium composition makes this product highly fire retardant and able to withstand exposure to the elements far beyond that of timber or timber composite materials.

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