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NewTechWood® Decking

Natural Capped Composite

NewTechWood® Ultrashield Composite Decking in Perth

NewTechWood® Ultrashield decking is a composite alternative with an exquisitely natural look and feel. A distinctive advantage of NewTechWood® is its engineering-grade polymer which coats all four sides of each decking board.

This durable polymer shield makes NewTechWood® remarkably resilient against climate and environmental impacts. The decking has ultra-low water permeability and requires almost no maintenance to stay looking fresh and new, year in and year out.

Benefits of NewTechWood

Not only does NewTechWood® Ultrashield have the look and feel of natural timber decking, but the hollow board is also a lightweight and hardwearing, easy to maintain composite decking.

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25-year warranty

There’s no need to worry about the durability of this composite decking; the makers of NewTechWood® are so confident in their product that all decking comes with a 25-year warranty.

NewTechWood® requires virtually no care or maintenance, providing years of enjoyment while continuing to look new over a generous span of years.

NewTechWood® can easily withstand anything that’s thrown at it, including Western Australia’s harsh summers, wet winters, sunshine, extensive foot traffic, and other effects that may wear down traditional timber decking.


Since composite decking requires no staining, painting or sealing it also removes any need for fossil-fuel based chemical stains and sealants.

NewTechWood® products are recycled.  NewTechWood® composite timber is manufactured from recycled materials such as high-grade recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fibres.  The recycling-production process of the NewTechWood® product saves plastic waste from being buried in landfills forever.

Because NewTechWood®’s manufacturers control this entire recycling process themselves, they’re also able to maintain a better consistency in quality, colour and cost for this unique product.

Ultrashield decking boards are also highly UV-resistant, meaning that your boards won’t fade, split, or crack, even in Perth’s sunshine.

Why choose NewTechWood® Composite Decking?

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, NewTechWood® has plenty of positive qualities:

  • Perfect for residential projects
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Resistant to insect attacks
  • Quick installation and finishing
  • Clean-look secret fix clip system
  • Stain and scratch resistant
  • Split, crack and warp resistant
  • Minimal maintenance required

How to maintain NewTechWood® decking

Maintaining a NewTechWood® deck is as easy as it gets.

First, surface debris should be washed off with a hose; use a pressure washer with a wide fan tip, not exceeding a pressure of 1,500 psi. When spraying, maintain a distance of around 30 centimetres above the deck. Be mindful that too much pressure can damage your deck.

Remove food, liquid and oil spills and stains from the decking surface as they occur to avoid voiding the 25-year limited stain warranty. Furthermore, if you live in a hot and humid climate, there is an increased risk of mould or mildew developing on your decking.  You can eliminate this with quick, light cleaning.

For more specific care and cleaning guidelines, please refer to this NewTechWood® care and cleaning guide.

NewTechWood® Colours

NewTechWood® Product Range

Hollow boards

Hollow composite boards are perfect for most residential projects.

NewTechWood’s® METRO range are circular hollow, lightweight, and are very easy to handle. With the sub-frame built to 350mm joist spacing, they are an effective choice for residential deck installations.

METRO boards have a grooved edge (UH02). Deck boards are 23mm thick and finished with the US07 square-edged profile (as a perimeter picture-frame) or feature boards.

Solid boards

If you’re installing decking for a commercial project, or if you are replacing existing decking on sub-frames with joist spacings up to 450mm, then the solid board XL Range is likely to be the most suitable choice for your project.  These 25mm thick XL grooved edge (US49) deck boards have a US48 square edged profile finish.

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At Decking Perth, we offer a quality guarantee on our composite decking. We only carry high-performance decking of superior quality, which allows you to tell the difference among the lower grade counterparts. Our services begin the moment we discuss your project ideas; we will supply you with tailor-made advice on the products, from design to installation and aftercare.

We’re here to help with the entire process; from colour and board type choice to providing tailor-made advise , we will ensure you choose the right product for your home, investment property, or commercial space.

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