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Ekodeck  Decking

The Future of Decking

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Ekodeck Decking in Perth

Ekodeck blends recycled plastics with reclaimed timber and bamboo fibres making maintenance easier than that of traditional timber decking.  

Ekodeck as a composite is a down-to-earth decking option that’s functional and environmentally friendly.  

Benefits of Ekodeck Decking

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Why Choose Ekodeck Composite Decking?

Ekodeck is a composite decking product that’s a practical and affordable, easy-care alternative to traditional timber decking.

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Ekodeck Decking Product Range

Ekodeck Screening Product Range

Ekodeck screens are versatile and low-maintenance.  Ekodeck screening can be used for fencing, gates, or simply as a backyard privacy screen.

Ekodeck screening is resistant to swelling and cracking.  This translates to less maintenance over time.

Both Ekodeck and EcoDeck+:

  • Is available in 3 colours
  • Offer quick and easy installation
  • Require less maintenance than traditional timber decking
  • Are comprised of bamboo, reclaimed timber and recycled plastic

Ekodeck Fasteners

Quickfix clips for fixing Ekodeck+ decking allow for a surface that looks clean and fastener-free.  With Quickfix clips your deck can be installed in a snap! New to decking installation? No problem – Quickfix is a great solution for DIY projects because of its ease of use.

Quickfix fasteners are designed to fit in the grooves of Ekodeck+ boards.  By following a few simple steps, Quickfix allows your deck to be installed faster than the average deck using standard top fixing screws.


Composite decking from Ekodeck involves a similar decking design and installation process to traditional timber decking.  

Ekodeck is most easily installed using classic decking screws. All Ekodeck boards require low-level maintenance and have a 10-year warranty.


Comprised of the same custom Ekodeck composite, Ekodeck+ comes with an easy fixing method.  The boards have a grooved edge which means they can be used with Quickfix hidden fasteners, creating a concealed look when fitted.

Ekodeck+ is faster to install because of its grooved edge design.  Like Ekodeck, Ekodeck+ also comes with a 10-year warranty.

How much will Ekodeck decking cost for your project?
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Ekodeck® Colours

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Ekodeck Care & Maintenance


  • Clean with a brush and soapy water
  • For greasy spills, spray with grease remover
  • Some stains will naturally self-correct over time


  • No need to stain, paint or oil
  • Remove stubborn stains using 40 grit sandpaper
  • Note: lighter decking colours will show stains more readily
  • Stains often clear naturally with exposure to the outdoor elements

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Ekodeck Installation Guide

It’s easy to install your decking using the simple top-fixing technique, as follows:

  • Measure and plan joists at max 450mm spans
  • Start laying out your boards
  • Leave a gap between wall and board edge
  • Measure and mark boards at least 15mm from the edge and at least 20mm from the side of the board
  • Pre-drill and countersink using a quickbit or smartbit
  • Using a 10-gauge stainless steel screw, fasten boards into position
  • Continue this process along each board
  • Use 2 screws at each joist, making sure everything is straight and consistent


The below measurements represent Ekodeck board dimensions. If you’re unsure exactly how much decking you need, the team at Decking Perth can help!

Dark Brown Red Rock Greystone
88 x 23 x 5400mm 88 x 23 x 5400mm 88 x 23 x 5400mm
137 x 23 x 5400mm 137 x 23 x 5400mm 137 x 23 x 5400mm

Why choose Decking Perth for your decking project?

Decking Perth is a specialist decking supplier.  We have all the options, from entry level decking to the highest quality and performance available on the market now and keep an eye on innovations in the industry so you can always have the very best quality-guaranteed selection from which to choose.  

We enjoy helping our customers bring their decking goals to life and get beautiful, functional outdoor spaces. From style choice to installation, we’re here to help, so call or visit our team at Decking Perth for all your decking needs.  We are here to support you.

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