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Deck Lighting Perth

See your deck in a different light

True, the string of chili pepper lights from your old room and a couple of fiery tiki torches say “party,” but they don’t do much for your nightcaps (not to mention your property value).

That’s why we bring you Trex® DeckLighting™, a collection of subtle yet brilliant post, rail, riser and recessed lights from the leader in luxury outdoor living. In fact, consider Trex® DeckLighting your new mood lighting.

Beyond brightening the last dog run of the night or keeping the kids from missing that last step, Trex® DeckLighting and our line of decking accessories warms up an outdoor living room like candles can only dream about. From late night suppers to outdoor slumber parties, Trex® DeckLighting creates a dimmable glow that keeps your backyard warm and inviting.

Illuminate your space with our elegant deck lighting.

Deck Lighting

deck lighting recessed

Our easy-to-install lights coordinate with our Trex® Transcend® color collection for a sophisticated, seamless look. And they’re a beautiful finishing touch to the premier decking, railing and trim you already trust.

Now with Trex® Deck Lighting™, a complete outdoor living experience is more accessible than ever before. Plus as everyone knows, our Trex® heritage is the greenest of the green, so of course our new long-life LEDs are energy efficient and covered by a Trex® warranty.

And with no worries about voltage drops, the last light in the string will always be just as bright as the first. So pack away your camping lanterns and retire your extension-corded Christmas lights.

Because Trex® DeckLighting is here. And it does ambience one better.

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