Apex™ PVC Decking

APEX™ PVC Decking by Eva-Last®
Low maintenance, durable composite decking.

Eva-Last® Apex™ Composite Decking Perth

The evolution of composite decking has reached new heights with the release of Apex™ PVC decking by Eva-Last®. As one of the lightest, strongest and most natural-looking composite decks ever made, Apex is the ideal choice for residential and commercial properties.

The secret is in the design. Apex™ is engineered using a lightweight bamboo core surrounded by a highly durable shell of premium PVC. As a strong and lightweight product, Apex™ is easier to install and long lasting. It really is one of the most revolutionary composite decks ever made.

The benefits of Apex™ PVC Decking

Lighter Apex™ is up to 45% lighter than some composite brands making it easier to install.

Stronger – The PVC and bamboo core , capped with an acrylic polymer shell, creates a stronger, longer-lasting deck.

SaferApex™ offers the best slip resistance in its class (P5). Even when used in wet areas.

Modern – An amazing range of colours that will enhance any outdoor area.    

Realistic – Its dual tone profile creates a deck that looks more like a wood deck than any composite. 

Low Maintenance – No sanding, painting, oiling or staining. Plus, cleaning is simple.

Long lastingApex™ is UV resistant, moisture resistant, scratch, stain and fade resistant. 

Peace of Mind – Apex™ is backed up by an amazing 30 year warranty.

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Looks Like Real Wood 

Eva-Last’s Apex™ PVC decking is available in single and dual tone colours. Using a unique process of layering the colours, Eva-Last® has created a composite board that looks just like natural hardwood. The extra layer also creates a solid capping on the board which makes it more durable and increases its anti-slip rating.



Eva-Last® prides themselves on manufacturing sustainable decking solutions.  Apex™ is made from recycled materials including raw bamboo, which is one of the fastest growing timbers and is highly sustainable.


Durable and Long Lasting

Using premium capping technology, Apex™ decking gives you a better-looking deck for longer. The polymer capping helps prevent scratches and stains and its UV resistance stops colour fading. Apex™ is also mould, mildew and weather resistant making it the ideal choice for pools and areas exposed to the weather. And is so good it is commercial grade! Apex™ is a commercial-grade deck and is backed with a 30-year warranty.

Why Eva-Last® Apex™ is the perfect choice for Australian backyards

Eva-Last® manufactures decking to suit all climates – specifically warmer climates like Australia. The Apex™ range is UV resistant, so even in harsh weather conditions, it won’t lose its look or colour. We love to stay active and use our backyards regularly – the durability of Eva-Last Apex™ allows us to use our decking without the fear of damaging it. The tough PVC capping creates a deck that’s:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Fade resistant 
  • Moisture resistant 

Your backyard should be enjoyed, not a chore. With Eva-Last® Apex™ you get more time relaxing and less time cleaning. You’ll never need to paint, sand or stain and maintaining your deck is easy.

How to clean your Eva-Last® Apex™ deck

An occasional light sweep or a gentle wash with soapy water is usually all that is needed to maintain your decking.

When cleaning your decking, remember:

Use a gentle soap. If you are unsure whether the soap is OK, test it in on an offcut. Some soaps may contain chemicals that are regarded as abrasive. Never use bleach or any acid-based cleaning products and if installing your decking near a pool, be sure to ask if swimming pool chemicals could be harmful to your deck’s surface.

To find out more about cleaning your Eva-Last® decking, download the Eva-Last® cleaning and care guide.

Eva-Last® Apex™ Colours and Range

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Fixing Systems

Eva-Last® incorporates a range of specialised fixing systems which work with the Eva-Last® range of boards to ensure your deck is stable and durable for many years to come.

Eva-Last® exclusively recommends using HULK fasteners/screws to provide the strongest fix for wood and steel.  These fasteners are uniquely nano-coated with zinc-epoxy corrosion-resistant HCTO (tested and developed under stringent conditions).  These are designed to fasten clips to a substructure yet are versatile enough to work in other fixing applications.

HULK fasteners/screws are available in high strength stainless steel or carbon steel.

For more detailed information, refer to the Eva-Last® Installation Guide.

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